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About us

Adventure Valley is nestled in a valley along the Sampoya river. The abundant bird life attests to the fact that the forest surroundings are a perfect tranquil setting in the heart of nature. Nature lovers can experience the outdoors in a peaceful environment.


The 1,5km Zipline Tour with the "first-in-the-world" Parazip is the most popular attraction on offer. The tour spans the valley and meanders into parts of the lush forest. Sliding along Zipline Cables and enjoying small walking trails that form part of the tour, make this adventure a  memorable one. 

School Excursions are hosted on an exclusive basis. Outdoor adventures are facilitated based on the age and capabilities of the learners. All activities are facilitated by well trained guides.

Team Building Packages are available for companies to enjoy a day out of the office and in beautiful natural surroundings. 

We are on a mission to make a difference by providing a place where people can enjoy adventure in the outdoors and literally "a breath of fresh air".

We're looking forward to seeing you soon!


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