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Come hang with us!

1,5km Zipline Tour

with the first-in-the -world "Parazip"

Adventure Valley offers an unforgettable eco-adventure. The Zipline Tour enables you to enjoy life from a bird’s eye view while sliding along cables across the valley. After a leisurely nature walk to the top of the cliff you are introduced to the "1st in the world" - all new "Parazip". You then proceed to slide on a 400m cable from the top of the mountain enjoying views of the lush surroundings. With a secure parachute attached to you, the "Parazip" enables you to get a feeling of parachuting down the mountain whilst being safely attached to a zipline cable.



Up to 2 hours (group size dependent)


4 years and up 


1 x Bottled Water

1 x Softdrink

Certificate on completion











Adults @ R 449,00 p/p   

Kids aged 4 - 12 @ R 399,00 p/p

*Rates include VAT

Normal Rate: R 599,00 p/p




Who would enjoy

a Zipline Tour?

The Zipline Tour is perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors and are nature lovers. As we book for ages 4 and up, this is the perfect family adventure. The Zipline Tour can also be booked for Team Building for teams who would like to experience nature from a bird's eye view. Student groups and Church Groups are also welcome. The Zipline Tour is adventurous couples who enjoy the outdoors.

How many lines make up the

Zipline Tour?

The Zipline Tour is a 1,5km tour.

There are 5 cables.

SB Pic 83.jpg
SB Pic 31.jpg

Do you need to be fit

to do a Zipline Tour?

The Zipline Tour comprises more Ziplining than walking. If you are capable of taking a relaxed walk and are steady on your feet, you will be able to enjoy the Adventure Valley Zipline Tour experience. You are not required to work a braking system, which makes this Zipline Tour easier and almost anyone can participate. If you are aged between 4 and 80, and are of average fitness, we would encourage you to try this awesome adventure.

What are the operating days

and hours?

Open 6 days a week

(Sunday to Friday)

Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thursday 

 08:00 to 17:00


 08:00 - 15:00

(Closed on Saturdays)

Bookings are essential

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Adventure for everyone

How safe is the 

Zipline Tour?

The Zipline Tour has been designed by Civil Engineers and constructed according to these requirements. The Zipline Tour is guided by well trained guides to ensure safety. Zipliners are briefed prior to the tour to ensure that participants know exactly how the Zipline Tour works. You don't work an braking system on the tour which adds to the safety standard and reduces risk. Strict safety procedures are in place and equipment used comply with safety standards ratings. Full body harnesses are used on the Zipline Tour. 

What should we wear on a Zipline Tour?

Comfortable clothing is essential for the Zipline Tour. e.g. Shorts or long pants,T-shirts and light clothing. Please note, no skirts or dresses allowed. It is preferable to wear closed footwear e.g. Takkies or trainers, strap-on sandals or shoes etc. The Zipline Tour continues if there is drizzle or rain, so please dress appropraitely for the weather.

Flight of Adventure
Team Building

Can the Zipline Tour

be done in the rain?

The Zipline Tour does continue if there is rain or drizzle. The only time that we do not operate a Zipline Tour is if there is lightning or thunder.

What should we bring along?

You can bring along the following items:

• Camera or cellphone to take      photos to capture your Zipline    memories.

• Sunscreen

• If it's raining, bring along a     raincoat or drimac.

SB Pic 15.jpg

How long does the Zipline Tour take?

The Zipline Tour duration is group size dependent. The tour takes up to two hours to complete.

Is there a weight restriction?

The maximum weight limit on the Zipline Tour is 140kgs.

Team Building
Fun for Kids

What if I have

a fear of heights?

It is quite common and normal to have a fear of heights. We encourage our clients to attempt the adventure and take it slow. As you don't work a braking system and can just relax and slide, it takes some pressure off if you're feeling afraid. After the first slide, you are comfortable and know what to expect for the rest of the Zipline Tour. The feeling of achievement and success after the Zipline Tour is exhilarating

Can my child go tandem with me on the Zipline Tour?

An adult and a small child can go tandem on the Zipline Tour as long as the combined weight does not exceed the maximum weight of 140kg's.

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